Sell to Us

The business of providing quality lumber starts with quality logs, and it is important to us that the companies we do business with in creating our products are also on board with best harvesting practices. Forests are a renewable resource and our aim is to do business with companies who harvest and re-plant in a sustainable manner. Forestry has been a life-long industry for our region, and our goal is to ensure that legacy continues. A healthy forest is our most important asset – we don’t cut for today, we cut for tomorrow.

We treat our suppliers the way we would want to be treated.

What We Look For

We buy all species of logs. We are specifically looking for red pine, white pine and aspen. We specialize in red pine plantations thinnings and have our own harvester and forwarder on staff.

What We Do Not Buy

We do not buy trees located around buildings due to the risk of embedded nails or wire fencing. This impacts the operation of our equipment, and the safety of our employees.

Our Log Buyer: Gerald Ellis

For more information on selling to us, please connect with Gerald Ellis, our Log Buyer. Gerald will want to visit the site and look at the timber in order to ensure it meets the type of purchase that suits our business, and to provide you with our best price.

Cellular Phone: 613-639-0113

Notice to Local Property Owners

Ben Hokum & Son Limited purchases truckload quantities of logs. While we are not able to handle problem trees, we do refer you to a local tree specialist, such as D.F. Johnson & Associates.