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Ben Hokum & Son Limited produces up to 40 million board feet of lumber annually in all species. The major product of the Hokum mill is white pine and this product has been the foundation of our solid industry reputation for quality lumber.

In white pine, we produce 15-20 million board feet annually and we have the largest supply of air-dried white pine lumber on hand in the region.

For red pine, we produce 13-15 million board feet annually, most of which is re-directed to the pressure-treated market.

The balance of the production of the business is mainly aspen and some spruce, with approximately 5 million board feet each year.

Working with local harvesters who subscribe to the same quality standards as we do, Ben Hokum & Son Limited makes every effort to maximize the recovery of lumber out of each log. In addition to lumber, byproducts (chips, sawdust, bark) are all sold into the marketplace. Every part of the tree is used.

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